GP4P Fees

Our Donation Fees


To cover our costs we charge a fee for each donation according to this formula:


Donations less than $1,000: 10%

Donations $1,000 to $9,999: 7.5%

Donations more than $10,000: 5% 


Additionally 3% will be charged to donations made by credit card or PayPal to cover processing fees.


GP4P Financial Information


Here are excerpts from Global Projects for Peace tax returns (IRS form 990) for past years:


2021  (990 Part IX p.10 )

Revenue $1,155,285

Program Service expenses $1,054,592

Management and General Expenses $78,068  (6.8% of revenue)

Total expenses $1,133,660


2022 ( 990 Part IX p. 10)

Revenue   $1,314,358

Program Services expenses  $1,030,151

Management and General Expenses  $64,335  (4.8% of revenue)

Total expenses  $1,094,486


Aa with any US non-profit, our complete tax returns are publicly available at


Enter our EIN to access the past years’ returns : EIN 261116889



If you have any questions please email

Treasurer at

Help us send 100% of your donations directly to fund our projects. We're seeking supporters to help cover our monthly operational expenses of approximately $6,500, allowing us to maximize the impact of every contribution. Your support in this specific area will empower us to maintain our commitment to full transparency and effectiveness in our mission.